Are you a plumber, carpenter, builder? Do you do gardens, pool maintenance or other commercial activities?

Now you can have professional presentations

Like the biggest companies, even if your budget is small

Translate into the language of your choice, we have native speakers of several languages

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Your professional video with all publication rights over the voiceover, music and images. Completely personalized and in two versions: rectangular and square, which allows you to publish in the best way on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Professional Voiceover Cinema Quality Images Music with Copyright


It includes:

  • marketing advice
  • creation and scripting
  • professional voiceover
  • musicalization with rights included
  • images recorded in cinema quality by professional equipment

As an extra gift a short one-minute version for you to post on tik-tok

Did you think that having your professional video was too expensive?

With Humart Intel you no longer need to be a large company to have your own professional videos. And they pay for themselves with just a fraction of the new job that comes up in the first few days

Our clients repeat orders, this means that they are enthusiastic about the performance of their communications

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Watch in this video some examples from the world of canine services:

Have you thought about making explanatory tutorials on topics related to your profession? Listen to this audio:

  • Usar gráficos y animaciones 00:00

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Tell us your idea and our marketing professionals will help you shape it

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Fue el mejor descubrimiento que hice en años, mis clientes se duplican con cada promoción que hago y el costo es realmente bajísimo. Estoy haciendo una producción mensual, y a veces dos, me entusiasma la cantidad de creaciones que se pueden lograr.
Daniela Bravo

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